Vocal coach for children and adults, vocal yoga.

Directions: singing for children, pop singing for adults, vocal yoga.

Experience of teaching: 3 years

Vocal career: worked as a singer for over 10 years in 6 different countries: Russia, China, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Morocco.

Annie Bormotova is a certified vocal yoga specialist. She has 5 years of Buddhist practice (vipassana). She has done retreats in the United Arab Emirates, Morocco and Russia. Retreat in the Buddhist meditation center Dipabhāvan (Dipabhavan) on the island of Samui (Thailand). Over 200 hours of YOGA TEACHER TRAINING in Rishikesh (India). Attending online retreats, vocal marathons, renowned experts such as Perukua, Jejissandra.

🎤 2021 to present. - Vocal teacher for children and adults at World of Voice online vocal studio

🎤 2020 г. - Vocal teacher at Hello Music online vocal studio

🎤 2015 - 2019. - Private practice, individual lessons

🎤 2008 - 2020. - Solo singer, singer in bands of the following countries: Russia, China, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Morocco.
Additional education
🎓 2021 - studying the teacher course “Yoga. African-American Vocal” by teacher EjjiSandra.

🎓 2021 - participation in marathons: “Big Vocal Marathon”, “Mantra - Yoga Marathon” by EjjiSandra

🎓 2021 - attending a webinar on “Secrets of Vocal Pedagogy” with allowed CVT teachers Catherine Brown and Catherine Lipovskaya

🎓 2021 - studying Vocal Yoga, by a jazz singer known as “The Voice of Mother Earth” and “The Voice of the Sacred Femininity” Peruqua

🎓 2021 - learning the vocal method of singer and vocal coach Cheryl Porter (online)

🎓 2020 г. - Training in the Voice Transformation School by Grammy Academy member, singer and composer Cooper Phillip

🎓 2020 г. - Participating in marathons: “advanced melismatics,” “Yodel effect,” “mysterious Twang,” “balanced voice” by teacher Olga Vee

🎓 2019 г. - Studying the “Sing Anything like a Pro” vocal course by American vocal educator Stevie Mackey
🎵 2020 г.
Volgograd Humanitarian Academy for professional training of specialists in the social sphere. Vocal teaching: development of singing voice using modern methods of vocal training.

🎵 2008 - 2012.
Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts". Specialization in the art of pop music.

🎵 1999 - 2006.
Music school and studio of pop and jazz vocals "Golden Key", Nazarovo (Krasnoyarsk Territory).
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