Vocal coach for children and adults.

Directions: singing for children and adults, academic singing.

Experience of teaching: over 10 years.

Vocal career: solo singer at Italian events. Released a song as part of a duet with the Italian rapper Danberserkir (over 10,000 listens on spotify).

Work experience
🎤 2021-present - vocal teacher for children and adults at World of Voice online vocal studio

🎤 2019-2021. - Private practice, vocal teacher, online and offline classes

🎤 2020 г. - Solo singer, released a song as part of a duet with Italian rapper Danberserkir (over 10,000 listens on spotify)

🎤 2011-2017. - Singer at Italian events

🎤 2011 г. - Vocal teacher for children and adults in a music association. Italy, Castellammare di Stabia

🎤 2008-2010. - Singing presenter in Pegasus Production Center (m. Lipetsk)
Additional education
🎓 2021 - participation in the 6th annual conference of the international association of vocal teachers online

🎓 2021 - participation in “Restart voice” marathon for voice development by Rita Markova’s Fitness-Vocal method

🎓 2021 - participation in “High Notes” marathon by Vocal academy

🎓 2021 - participation in Vocal Technique workshop by Berklee Assistant Professor of Voice Cindy Scott

🎓 2021 - participation in “Songwriting” workshop by musician, composer, arranger, producer Rodney Alejandro (Berklee)

🎓 2021 - participation in the master class “Music production” by an assistant professor of sound engineering and music production, worked with R.E.M. and Mariah Carey, Grammy nominee Jason Stokes

🎓 2021 - took part in the “Big Three record labels” masterclass by Sara Potente and Emiliano Colasanti

🎓 2021 - participation in the master class “Artist Management in the Music Industry” by the famous manager in Italian show business Paola Zukar

🎓 2018 г. - participation in the master class “The secret of Words” of the performer and arranged
🎵 2021 - till present - Humanitarian-Technical University of Rostov-on-Don. Specialization in Theory and Methodology of Teaching Italian Language in Educational Organization regarding FSES

🎵 2010 - 2012. Accademia Caliendo, Italy. Canto moderno, modern vocals.

🎵 2006-2010. Lipetsk Regional College of Arts named after K.M. Igumnov, Choral conducting, choir and ensemble player, choir director, choir disciplines teacher.

🎵 1998 - 2005. Special music school for especially gifted children Lipetsk Vocal art, piano
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